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Alysha Whitney



My name is Alysha Whitney. I Began my running journey in 2012 and have run many half marathons, full marathons and challenges. Most of my running career has been runDisney races; I most recently completed the Dopey challenge (48.6 miles over four days) for the second time.

I have mentored runners since 2016 through two facebook groups I created and have helped many achieve success in their first races. In July 2022, I became a RRCA certified run coach and In April 2023, I also became certified through UESCA. I am very excited to formally coach individuals!

What you can expect from my program is a coach that will help and support you through the ups and downs of training. I will be motivational, but also realistic and firm at times, to help you get to your goals! After you fill out the consultation questionnaire, I will set up a virtual call to get some more information about you and your goals. Finally, I will determine if I feel I would be the best suited coach for you before creating a personalized plan. Since these plans can change, they are usually sent out in smaller segments to help work around life events. I hope you choose to fill out the consultation questionnaire and work with me on your journey towards your running goals.

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Pricing Options

$98 per month

Special for the month of November: $80 per month for as long as we work together

All plans include:

      • Personalized weekly plans specific to you and your goals
      • Initial consult Call
      • Check-ins about your runs and how things are going
      • Ability to ask any questions via text or email
      • Inspirational/motivational quotes sent to you weekly with the plans
      • Options to learn about mindfulness/breathing techniques and/or meditation and how these can help your running
      • Shout-outs on social media, if you desire
      • Zoom/FaceTime call (1-2 times a month)
      • Zoom/FaceTime call week of the race

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Consultation Questionnaire

Please click the link below and fill out the Google survey. This is the first step in determining if we are the right fit for one another to help you on your running journey. After you have filled out the form, I will contact you using the information you provide and set up a time to have a Zoom/FaceTime call to get to know each other better. At that time, we will talk more in-depth about your goals, medical history and if we are compatible. If we are a good match, we can proceed forward with a few more administrative steps, and then we can get started on your running goals!

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It was my lucky day when I connected with Alysha through her RDMT Facebook page! We soon met at the 2018 RunDisney Marathon Weekend. Following the marathon, Alysha encouraged me to sign up for Dopey 2019. What a journey that was! I relied on Alysha’s encouragement, advice and support while I worked through the training miles, as well as at the races. I credit her for getting me to all four finish lines successfully! Currently training for Marathon weekend 2024 with Alysha who continues to be my motivational running friend.


I have known Alysha for almost 4 years through her facebook pages and got to meet her at the Dopey in 2019. She has always been very encouraging

and positive. She always provides great input and ideas

when others ask for advice.



Several years ago I remember being part of this motivational facebook group, and you posted that you had completed your first full marathon. In your post, you said something like “Now I am a marathoner.” Those words inspired me to complete my first marathon in 2020, because I wanted to say “I am a marathoner,” too! Five little words moved me to complete it! Thanks for the motivation!


I am working with a coach right now to find out what I want in my career. One of the assignments was to write down people who inspire me and Alysha is one of those people! Her kindness is inspirational. She has so much patience with everyone, we see the same questions multiple times a year in the facebook groups, and she will answer them thoroughly and as many times as needed. No question is silly or weird. I've met Alysha only twice in real life, but she is a kind and warm hearted person. I admire her determination, running is the easiest example for me to articulate that, all those training miles she has done to get to her goals is so amazing to see! I love seeing her stories on instagram where she tackled great distances. I have so much respect for her virtual marathons! That takes a lot of willpower to do a marathon virtually. I am so happy you're a host on the Rise and Run podcast, I always enjoy listening.