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Alysha Whitney



My name is Alysha Whitney. I Began my running journey in 2012 and have run many half marathons, full ​marathons and challenges. Most of my running career has been runDisney races; I most recently ​completed the Dopey challenge (48.6 miles over four days) for the second time in 2023 and the Walt ​Disney world marathon in 2024 for my seventh full marathon!

I have mentored runners since 2016 through two facebook groups I created and have helped many ​achieve success in their first races. In July 2022, I became a RRCA certified run coach and In April 2023, I ​also became certified through UESCA. I am very excited to formally coach individuals!

What you can expect from my program is a coach that will help and support you through the ups and ​downs of training. I will be motivational, but also realistic and firm at times, to help you get to your ​goals! After you fill out the consultation questionnaire, I will set up a virtual call to get some more ​information about you and your goals. Finally, I will determine if I feel I would be the best suited ​coach for you before creating a personalized plan. Since these plans can change, they are usually sent ​out in smaller weekly segments to help work around life events. I hope you choose to fill out the ​consultation questionnaire and work with me on your journey towards your running goals.

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$98 per month

All plans include:

      • Personalized weekly plans specific to you and your goals
      • Free Initial consult Call
      • Check-ins about your runs and how things are going
      • Ability to ask any questions via text or email
      • Inspirational/motivational quotes sent to you weekly with the plans
      • Options to learn about mindfulness/breathing techniques and/or ​meditation and how these can help your running
      • Shout-outs on social media, if you desire
      • Zoom/FaceTime call (1-2 times a month)
      • Zoom/FaceTime call week of the race, if you desire

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Consultation Questionnaire

Please click the link below and fill out the Google survey. After you ​have filled out the form, I will contact you using the information you ​provide and set up a time to have a Zoom/FaceTime call to get to ​know each other better. At that time, we will talk more in-depth ​about your goals, medical history and running history.

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Click the clipboard to go to the questionnaire

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Alysha and her run coaching may just be the best investment I have ever made for myself. The care, research, ​detail, and consideration she puts into the training plans she makes are amazing. My life is never dull, and I ​have a lot of different things that affected my training, but she made sure to take all of those things into ​consideration without allowing me to give up on myself or my progress. She always had my weekly and ​monthly plans out with plenty of time to arrange my schedule. Alysha never complained about my random ​texts at all times of the day and always had the answers I was looking for. Having built in monthly Facetime ​calls also allowed me to get to know Alysha better and connect the dots on why I was doing what when during ​my training. I may not have any more running challenges planned at this time but as soon as I do, I know who ​I'll be calling! I would whole heartedly recommend Alysha to anyone for anything they want to achieve.

-Courtney (First time Dopey 2024)

Several years ago I remember being part of this ​motivational facebook group, and you posted that you ​had completed your first full marathon. In your post, you ​said something like “Now I am a marathoner.” Those ​words inspired me to complete my first marathon in ​2020, because I wanted to say “I am a marathoner,” too! ​Five little words moved me to complete it! Thanks for the ​motivation!


It was my lucky day when I connected with Alysha ​through her RDMT Facebook page! We soon met at ​the 2018 RunDisney Marathon Weekend. Following the ​marathon, Alysha encouraged me to sign up for Dopey ​2019. What a journey that was! I relied on Alysha’s ​encouragement, advice and support while I worked ​through the training miles, as well as at the races. I ​credit her for getting me to all four finish lines ​successfully! Alysha continues to be my motivational ​running friend.


I am working with a coach right now to find out what I want in my career. One of the assignments was to write down ​people who inspire me and Alysha is one of those people! Her kindness is inspirational. She has so much patience with ​everyone, we see the same questions multiple times a year in the facebook groups, and she will answer them thoroughly ​and as many times as needed. No question is silly or weird. I've met Alysha only twice in real life, but she is a kind and warm ​hearted person. I admire her determination, running is the easiest example for me to articulate that, all those training ​miles she has done to get to her goals is so amazing to see! I love seeing her stories on instagram where she tackled great ​distances. I have so much respect for her virtual marathons! That takes a lot of willpower to do a marathon virtually. I am ​so happy you're a host on the Rise and Run podcast, I always enjoy listening.